We are so excited for your upcoming wedding - it will be here before we know it!

If you need anything before your wedding, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail.

Just some reminders for before and on your big day!

  • Try to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest! We know it can be a stressful and exciting time but getting the proper hydration and sleep will greatly effect your mood and skin.

  • Moisturize! Drinking water will only help your skin stay hydrated to a point. Don’t forget to moisturize, even if you have oily skin. If you need recommendations on moisturizer or skin care questions - let us know!

  • Don’t try anything new in terms of skin care at least a week before your wedding (especially if you have sensitive skin!). If you have a bad reaction to a new product or treatment, you need time for your skin to calm back down.

  • If getting a spray tan, try to get it at least 3 days before the wedding day. This allows for any corrections if needed, and for it to settle into the skin before makeup is applied on the wedding day. If you have never gotten a spray tan, but plan to for your wedding, we suggest getting a trial at least a month before.

  • If you or anyone in your bridal party is getting hair services done, please have clean and DRY hair before our arrival.

  • If you or anyone in your bridal party is getting makeup services done, please have a clean face, contacts in (if wearing them) and teeth brushed before getting into our chairs.

In order for us to fine tune the details to your wedding, please fill out the following information!

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Name of Best Contact Person *
Name of Best Contact Person
If we need to get a hold of someone on the day of and don't want to bother you, who should we contact? (ex: event coordinater, MOH etc.)
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Phone Number of Best Contact Person
As per the contract, any ancillary fees (i.e. parking) Gals and Ghouls incurs on the event date are payable, in full, on the event date unless previously factored into balance.