Welcome To Gals & Ghouls

Perhaps you have heard of Gals & Ghouls through a friend or family member, or saw posts on Facebook, and are now wondering WHO or WHAT Gals & Ghouls is.  Or perhaps you have worked with us previously but would love to know about us and how Gals & Ghouls started. We wanted to dedicate our very first blog post to introducing ourselves!

To get to the heart of who and what Gals & Ghouls is, let’s take it back to the start!  Many people ask us how we got into the industry, and we both agree that neither of us realized that being a makeup artist could be an occupation.  We each grew up loving makeup and applying it to ourselves and others but never made the connection that it could be a successful and fulfilling career.  We each followed what we thought we were “supposed” to do and got formal educations after high school. Meghan has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Wayne State and I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Wayne State and went on to get my MSW from the University of Michigan.  Strangely enough, we did not meet at Wayne State and instead later when we both decided to pursue our makeup career.

One thing that kept both of us from getting into the industry is that we didn’t have an interest in becoming a hair stylist or doing nails, which is what steered us away from cosmetology school when we were younger.  We found a school that offered instruction in just makeup, which is what truly interested both of us and it was in school that we first started our friendship. Collectively we are trained in Beauty, Bridal, Commercial/Film, Special Effects and Face/Body Painting.  As we were nearing graduation, we continued to joke with each other that we should start a business together.

At some point we stopped joking and decided that creating a business together to cater to any makeup style a client may need was exactly what we needed to do.  We both quit our 9-5, consistent paycheck jobs and took a leap of faith and Gals & Ghouls was born to combine our unique abilities and allow us to offer versatile, passionate and artistic services.  We chose the name Gals & Ghouls because we really wanted to show that we weren’t just your typical bridal beauty company, and offer a wide arrange of makeup services.

For anyone who has owned their own business, they know how terrifying but rewarding it all is.  We are now 3 years into our business and constantly learning new things. We are looking forward to continuing this blog and sharing with you our new projects, behind the scenes looks, beauty insights and more!  If you have any questions, or requests for future blog posts, we would love to hear!


Dayna Green and Meghan Martin behind the scenes wedding makeup Gals and Ghouls