Choosing The Makeup Artist For You

We know that finding your ideal artist can be a tedious task.  We encourage you to do your research, there are a lot of artists out there and not all of them are your perfect fit! Everyone has a different style, pricing, etc. Reach out and speak with your potential artist and get a feel for them and their brand. Do your personalities mesh, does their style match yours, were they easy to communicate with? There are so many things to consider when choosing your ideal artist. Let’s chat about a few of those:

When Should You Start Looking?

Start early! We know that makeup is not usually in the forefront of the newly engaged mind but there’s a good chance someone else shares your date and may already be in contact with your ideal vendor. Start looking at artists about 8 -12 months prior to your date. 

Where Should You Look?

Ask your other vendors you already have booked for recommendations.  More than likely, they will have a few favorites that they’ve worked with and will happily offer recommendations. Friends and family may have suggestions too!

There are many platforms you can also look - such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, Google, Facebook and more! Be sure to search several platforms before deciding on a makeup artist. Instagram or Facebook shouldn’t be your only source of information.  If they have a website, be sure to check it out. Having a website shows professionalism, thoughtfulness and sets an artist apart as a specialist and not a hobbyist.  Make sure you read reviews on all platforms as well! Chances are if their reviews are mediocre, they probably are too.  

How to Decide?

Need help narrowing down your choices? Know what is important to you in a professional makeup artist. Is it their pricing, style, personality, or all of the above? Set up a consultation with them, whether that be in person or via phone and make sure to communicate what’s most important to you. You should feel comfortable enough with your MUA to discuss these things. If you don’t, they probably aren’t your best fit.

Other Things To Consider!

We urge you to remember that you likely want a Professional MUA and not someone doing it on the side every now and then for fun. Professional MUAs will be clean and sanitary.  Sanitation is extremely important for your health and safety. If you see a MUA with an unclean/unkempt kit and brushes - it may be best to look elsewhere.  If you have a trial and the MUA is attempting to use products such as mascara or lipstick right from the bottle on you, RUN AWAY! Professional MUAs should have sanitary methods (using disposables, keeping clean brushes and kits, and sanitizing their hands often) and if you aren’t sure, ask them!  Any professional MUA would be more than happy to tell you how they will keep your application sanitary.

Lastly, don’t skip the trial! Many artists won’t require a trial but will recommend one. Some even include a trial in their price. However your artist handles trials, be sure to get one scheduled. This is a perfect time to talk about what’s most important to you in regards to how you look and feel, try out a few eye or lip looks and also test out the longevity of the makeup. Have a trial set up but now sure how to prepare? Check out our blog post all about trials!

Bottom line:

Your artist should make you feel like the best version of yourself, comfortable and confident! 

We are looking forward to continuing this blog and sharing with you our new projects, behind the scenes looks, beauty insights and more! If you have any questions, or requests for future blog posts, we would love to hear from you! 
- Meghan

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