Sonia Roselli Japanese Cleansing Oil Review

We’ve got another review from the Sonia Roselli line that we can’t wait to tell you about! If you haven’t seen our other reviews on Sex-A-Peel or Water Balm, then definitely check them out! If you've been reading our blog since the start, then you already know how much we love Sonia’s line for both personal and professional use! This time we are coming to talk to you about Japanese Cleansing Oil!

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What is it? 

If you pay any attention to skincare and skincare lines, you will know that cleansing oils have been popping up like crazy over the last few years!  Cleansing oils are essentially like normal face cleansers, in the sense that they are used to remove dirt, surface debris, makeup, and excess oil. However, unlike most traditional cleansers which tend to just focus on one attribute (ie: just dirt, or just removing makeup), a cleansing oil does it all!

Japanese Cleansing Oil won’t strip your skin and removes your makeup and your cleans your face all in about 60 seconds.  We are all about simplifying things, so we love that! JCO (Japanese Cleansing Oil) helps maintain your delicate skin barrier.  All you need to do is shake the bottle to thoroughly mix the emulsifying oil and water, dispense 2-3 pumps into your palms and massage into DRY skin (yup you heard us, no wet skin here to start!).  As you massage gently, dirt, makeup, oil, and even sunscreen will be dissolved. Then a quick rinse and you are good to go!!

JCO all shaken up! Photo Courtesy of

JCO all shaken up! Photo Courtesy of

Is it right for me? 

We know everyone’s skin reacts to products differently and there really is no holy grail product that works for EVERYONE, but so many different skin types can use this product!  Japanese cleansing oil is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free with no chemical color additive or chemical fragrance. This means that even our most sensitive skin readers can try this product.  For our oily people, It may seem counterintuitive to clean oily skin with an oil, but it is actually perfect! Traditional oil-free cleansers actually strip your skin of the natural oils, hurting the skin barrier and leaving it unbalanced which then causes your skin to produce even more oil to try to bring it back to normal.  JCO (and other good cleansing oils) keep the skin’s natural pH balance and are naturally anti-bacterial.

We still have 2 more products to review in this great line, so check back every other Thursday for a new blog post!  If you are interested in trying this, or any other of Sonia’s line, be sure to check out our skincare section on our website to purchase!  If you have any questions, or requests for future blog posts, we would love to hear from you! 
- Dayna 


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