Why Makeup Matters!

So often we hear about brides that opt not to have makeup done for their wedding day.  Sometimes it is because they are a very natural bride, are afraid of not looking like themselves or they have trouble trusting anyone else and want to stick with their normal day to day routine.  We would like to discuss some reasons why a bride (or anyone else for that matter – male or female!) would want to consider makeup for a big event, or their wedding day!  We reached out to a few of our favorite local photographers to get their opinion as well!  Ultimately, it is the photographs that help the memories stay alive in our mind and that live on forever in albums and on the walls as a wonderful reminder of the day!

Michelle, with Michelle Ann Photography, had some great insight for the natural brides! 

Sometimes after putting so much energy into […] all other details, a bride can forget how important it is to have professional makeup done or she feels she’s not a makeup kinda gal. […] Not only does having professional makeup applied make a girl feel pampered and special, but it also makes my job easier. […] It’s important to know you didn’t need to go all glam and out of your comfort zone, but to understand that with a little bit of color and contour can make a huge difference in how you photograph.”
— Michelle

We couldn’t agree with Michelle more!  Looking natural is something that doesn’t mean you have to have NO makeup just like having makeup doesn’t mean you have to have a full face of glam makeup.  This is why looking at a MUA’s portfolio is key to finding someone that fits your style and aesthetic (check out more about this on our 'Choosing The Makeup Artist For you’ blog post!)  

Ashley, with Smitten Mitten Photography, also echoes the idea that a MUA may be the best choice on your big day and that makeup doesn’t automatically equal full insta-glam makeup. 

From a photography standpoint, improperly applied makeup or not hiring a makeup artist can enhance rather than reduce flaws. For example, if your foundation shade is mismatched to your skin tone this can be more visible to the camera versus the naked eye. [...]Other issues can be face shine or shadowed eyes... (these are) areas that a professional makeup artist can knowingly enhance or reduce. Does this mean you need to be contoured, have heavy eye makeup or bright lips? NO! Wedding day makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not make you look washed out by the camera and really make you look your best!
— Ashley

Ashley brings up a fantastic point that a lot of natural brides overlook - cameras can pick up a lot of detail not seen by the naked eye while also washing your out. This is why even if you are going for a natural look, having makeup assists in fantastic photographs rather then having NO makeup.

Kara, of Melian Photography, also agrees that a skilled MUA is a must for helping people create their signature look on their big day!

It’s incredibly important that my brides look and feel their best on their wedding day. A wedding look should be different than a bride’s everyday look: it should embody a bride’s personality while enhancing her features. An amazing makeup artist is crucial in figuring out what is going to pop on camera to make your photos look the best and a good MUA knows how to accentuate a bride’s best features. Even if you’re a bride that likes to go without makeup, a solid makeup artist can ensure that you’re going to look amazing all day long and will just elevate your natural features and look.
— Kara

In closing, we would just like to remind anyone on the fence about getting makeup done for a big event that the camera picks up things differently – a talented makeup artist and a fantastic photographer can work in tandem to make your photographs stellar! If you are in need of a photographer for your upcoming event, we definitely recommend any of the three ladies featured in this post! Check their stuff out!!

We are looking forward to continuing this blog and sharing with you our new projects, behind the scenes looks, beauty insights and more! If you have any questions, or requests for future blog posts, we would love to hear from you!

- Dayna

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